Creating Brighter Futures Today

When we come together, we can create a community where all members are seen and embraced–a community where our diversity is our greatest strength. Through dedicated initiatives, fund management, nonprofit capacity building and convening & amplification, the San Joaquin Community Foundation actively works to pool resources, connect community stakeholders, accelerate nonprofit work and seek new perspectives to impact those who most need support.


Tackling Our Community’s Most Pressing Challenges

Through dedicated initiatives, we bring together resources and partners from across our community – and nation – to tackle our county’s most pressing challenges and promising opportunities.

Fund Management

Accelerating the Impact of Giving

Through fund management, we steward our community’s generosity and make giving more effective. Managed funds are meaningful ways for individuals, families, nonprofits and businesses to support critical causes in San Joaquin County — while receiving competitive returns that ensure financial resources are available for decades to come

Nonprofit Capacity-Building

Helping Nonprofits Achieve Their Missions

We connect nonprofit leaders with critical trainings, services, and support so they can build capacity to achieve their missions.

News & Updates

Convening & Amplification

Giving a Voice to Our Community

We listen to the needs and ideas of our residents, bringing partners together to identify how to act on what we’ve learned. Through regular funder briefings, donor education webinars and listening sessions, we create spaces for voices in our community to be heard, encourage ongoing open dialogue and seek new perspectives on the challenges we’re working to address.

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