Our New Name

Our New Strategic Vision

In 2021, with the pandemic entering its second year, the Foundation continued its emergency response work to help mitigate the social and economic impacts of the public health crisis. While it’s been clear from the beginning that San Joaquin County has been disproportionately affected by the pandemic more than many other counties in California, it has also become clearer that too many of our residents find themselves experiencing inequality of opportunities and outcomes.

The data paints a sobering picture of our region: One’s gender, race, economic circumstances, zip code, and ethnicity too often serve as barriers to a brighter future for residents living in the Central Valley. Too many face daily challenges to access basic needs, such as finding affordable housing, investing in their mental health, accessing quality education and training to build a rewarding career, and securing the resources to keep a small business afloat.

This growing understanding has prompted our Board of Directors to adopt a new strategic vision for our organization: 

We envision a San Joaquin County where there are no barriers to bright futures; where every person’s past, identity, and neighborhood are assets, not obstacles, to the future they aspire to create. 

While this vision inspires us daily, we know vision means nothing without action. We’re committed to bringing this vision to life by mobilizing resources, advancing partnerships, and building a culture of generosity. 
Graphic visualizing how the Community Foundation's work to Mobilize Resources, Advance Partnerships, and Build a Culture of Generosity furthers it's vision of Healthy Communities, Thriving Families, Empowered Minds, and Inclusive Economies.

Our New Name

Graphic showing the old Community Foundation of San Joaquin logo and the new San Joaquin Community Foundation logo.

In honor of our new strategic vision, we’ve unveiled a new name and logo that centers our commitment to San Joaquin County and celebrates the diverse, bold, energetic people that make our region a place we’re proud to call home. In doing so, we hope to signal the new organization we’re becoming and invite every resident to join us in creating a San Joaquin County where there are no barriers to bright futures. 

Signatures of authors, Peter Ragsdale (Board Chair) and Moses Zapien (CEO & President)