A Brighter Future for San Joaquin County

San Joaquin County is one of the most diverse regions in our nation, and a place we’re proud to call home. But while we celebrate this diversity, we also recognize the disparities in opportunity: That one’s race, culture, zip code, background and ability too often determine how our residents experience San Joaquin County. Some residents here thrive, but many others face daily challenges fueled by generational inequities: finding affordable housing, investing in their mental health, accessing the education they need to build a rewarding career, keeping a small business afloat.

As the San Joaquin Community Foundation, we recognize the depth of these disparities, and we prioritize efforts to work with and support disenfranchised and marginalized communities. We envision a community not just where residents’ basic needs are met, but where we all can truly thrive.

Two women wearing hijabs stand behind a medical information booth

Healthy Communities

San Joaquin County has both too few medical professionals and too many risk factors plaguing our residents. We’re working to ensure every resident has access to resources to keep their body, mind and relationships healthy as they build a brighter future for themselves and for our region.

Young boy smiles holding food provided to him and his family

Thriving Families

Nearly one in five of those experiencing homelessness in San Joaquin County are younger than 25. We believe families are both our greatest asset and our greatest responsibility, and we’re working to ensure every child and youth is safe, active, and confident their future in San Joaquin County is bright.

Collage of scholarship recipient senior photos

Empowered Minds

San Joaquin County sits in the bottom 12 CA counties for high school graduation rate, and less than 20% of residents over 25 have a Bachelor’s degree. We’re working to ensure every child, teen and adult has access to a quality education that propels them into trajectory-changing opportunities.

People mingle at a employment and training booth

Inclusive Economies

Nearly 14 % of San Joaquin County residents live in poverty, and over 24,000 don’t have access to an affordable home. We’re working to ensure San Joaquin County is a place where housing is affordable, businesses are thriving, and economic mobility is not just possible, but probable.

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