No parent should be faced with the guilt of not being able to provide for their family.

No child should have the possibilities for their future determined by where they come from. No person should need to move to find better opportunities. We’re working to ensure San Joaquin County is a place where housing is affordable, businesses are thriving, and economic mobility is not just possible, but probable.


Together, we can build a community where…

Safe, affordable housing is available for residents of all income levels

Working adults earn a livable wage for their families

Employees are free from discrimination based on their age, race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, or ability

Small businesses have the capital, talent, and support they need to succeed

Innovation fuels economic growth that benefits all

Neighborhoods are diverse and welcoming to all


Too Few Affordable Homes, Too Many Economic Disparities

2x state minimum wage required to afford average rent

Renters in San Joaquin County need to earn $25.69 per hour —2 times the state minimum wage — to afford the average monthly asking rent of $1,336. Source.

24,000+  without an affordable home
As of 2020, 24,390 low-income renter households in San Joaquin County did not have access to an affordable home. Source.

13.9% of residents live in poverty
16.8% of Stockton residents and 13.9% of county residents live in poverty with more Black children living below the poverty line than any other ethnic group Source.

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Chan Zuckerberg Initiative

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Edge Collaborative

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Help us create a community where economic mobility is not just possible, but probable.