The Community Economic Mobilization Initiative (CEMI) is a countywide grantmaking program to assist eligible organizations in building their knowledge and capacity to participate in upcoming local, state, and federal funding and planning opportunities.

Grant Period has Closed


CEMI is an innovative effort to advance equity, inclusion and the goals of federal and state climate-resilient economic development initiatives.

CEMI Grant Round Two

Developing Projects for Public Funding Grant

This round of funding prioritizes specific projects that are further along and aim to support project pre-development. It will provide funding so organizations can prepare applications for specific public funding opportunities. A total of $900,000

will be available to regrant. Eligible organizations applying alone can apply for up to $100,000. Applicants representing a partnership/collaboration of at least two organizations can apply for up to $250,000.

2024 Grantees

Applications Currently Under Review


The Center at Sierra Health Foundation
Edge Collaborative