The Community Economic Mobilization Initiative (CEMI) assists nonprofits in building their knowledge and capacity to be poised to participate in funding opportunities.

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Community Economic Mobilization Initiative (CEMI) Survey

In partnership with The Center at Sierra Health Foundation’s Community Economic Mobilization Initiative (CEMI), Edge Collaborative (Edge) and San Joaquin Community Foundation (SJCF) are excited to launch a countywide survey to help assess interest in public investment opportunities within the San Joaquin County ecosystem.

This survey is part of a philanthropic grantmaking initiative to assist regional nonprofits and other institutions in building their knowledge and capacity so that they are poised to participate competitively in upcoming local, state, and federal funding opportunities. This $1.6M initiative is funded by a grant from the Sierra Health Foundation. Please find more information about this opportunity here

This survey aims to help facilitate competitive public funding applications by:

  1. Promoting project-oriented collaboration for public investment opportunities by publicly sharing project lists
  2. Understanding capacity building needs across organizations

CEMI is an innovative effort to advance equity, inclusion and the goals of federal and state climate-resilient economic development initiatives.

This survey is open-access for interested nonprofit groups, private organizations, and governmental agencies within San Joaquin County. We ask organizations and institutions to complete the survey only once to prevent duplication.
Survey results are updated on a regular basis to provide most current information.

Additional Resources

View the CEMI Grant page to learn more about grants that are available or that have been awarded.

The Recording of the Informational Webinar held on September 8, 2023 is available for view (Link to Video).

Slides (PDF Format) from Informational Webinar held on September 8, 2023 outlining the purpose of the San Joaquin Regional Collaborator Survey.

Review the FAQ for questions and answers that may be helpful. This is a dynamic document updated regularly.

Visit The Center at Sierra Health Foundation Community Economic Mobilization Initiative website for additional information about the CEMI statewide initiative, including organizations funded to regrant within their communities.

Visit the CEMI website for resources including: toolkits, webinars, and funding opportunities information.

To receive additional support for the CEMI Initiative, survey questions, and grant-making opportunities, please email


The Center at Sierra Health Foundation
Edge Collaborative